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What basic tools do you need for class? 

  • Blazer Micro Torch - GB-2001 (recommended)

  • High Filtered Butane

  • Kiln Brick

  • Quench Bowl

  • Fiber Grip Tweezers (Bent Locking, Straight Locking & Soldering)

  • Swanstrom Pliers Set (recommended - You can order them from Rio Grande)

    • Flat Nose Pliers​ (Rio Item Code - 111301)

    • Chain Nose Pliers (Rio Item Code - 111300)

    • Long Round Nose Pliers (Rio Item Code - 111298)

    • Large Round Nose Pliers (Rio Item Code - 111027)

  • Ultra Flush Cutters

  • Large Wrap-n-Tap

  • Small Wrap-n-Tap

  • Bench Block

  • Brass Chasing Hammer

  • 4oz German Riveting Hammer

  • Round Bezel Mandrel

  • Beading Awl

  • Red Handled Burnishers 2mm & 3.5mm

  Except for the Swanstrom Pliers the rest the tools 

are available for purchase on this site - TOOLS 

What specialty tools do you need for class? 

  • Jewelrs Saw Blades

  • Brass Millimeter Gauge

  • Carbide Scribe

  • Key File Set

  • Pocket Wire Gauge

  • Saw Frame

  • Tube Cutting Jig

  • Two Hole Metal Punch

  • V-Slot Bench Pin w/ Clamp

  • 2" Curved Burnisher

  • Brass Bezel Roller

  • Square Prong and Bezel Pusher

  • Bracelet Mandrel (recommended)

What materials do you need for class? 

  • A complete materials kit is available for purchase for each class.

    • click here on KITS

  • Once a class is purchased a complete materials list will be emailed to you.